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Service Questions & Answers

We are at your service every day of the week to assist you with your search for the perfect luxury rug at the best price.

Find the answer to your question(s) about our service in the frequently asked questions below or contact us by chat, email or phone if you want personal assistance during your visit.

Deliveries & Returns

  • Free EU & UK Delivery
    We offer Free Delivery in the EU and UK for all orders from €90 onwards. For deliveries to destinations outside of the UK or EU, a limited shipment cost is charged and the rate will be displayed on the checkout page.
  • Delivery Time
    The delivery time is usually 2 to 4 business days. For extra-large rugs with a width from 240 cm onwards, the delivery can take 2 days longer. In case a rug is temporarily sold out, the delivery time may take longer. In such event, we will contact you swiftly and provide more details about the expected delivery time along with the different options how you can proceed with your order.
  • Free Exchange
    When the rug that you have received is not a perfect match for your interior, you can exchange it completely free of charge for a different model in the same or a higher price range. You can also exchange the rug for the same model in one size smaller or larger if the size wasn’t perfect for your space. If applicable, only the possible price difference between the rugs needs to be settled via a refund to you or a payment to us.
  • Return Service Rates when not using our Free Exchange offer
    If you want to receive a refund for your purchase instead of using the free exchange offer with collection at home, then you can either:

    1. Return the rug to our return address via a carrier that you arrange yourself, in which case you will receive a full refund for your order, or
    2. Use our return service in which case the return cost is deducted from the refund which we make. The different return options & rates are listed below.

      OPTION 1: Return Service without Collection at Home

      Only available for rugs with a maximum width of 170 cm.

      • Rug width up to 170 cm = €29,00
      • Rug width between 100 cm – 170 cm = €34,00

      OPTION 2: Return Service with Collection at Home

      Available for all rug sizes.

      • Rug width up to 100 cm = €34,00
      • Rug width between 100 cm – 170 cm = €39,00
      • Rug width between 180 cm – 230 cm = €54,00
      • Rug width between 240 cm – 290 cm = €154,00
  • Returning a rug
    You can exchange / return a rug up to 30 days after delivery of the rug. Please note that the rug must be kept in perfect and unused condition. We kindly request you to contact us by email within 72 hours after reception of the rug in case the rug is not suitable for your interior so that we can assist you with getting the rug exchanged / returned.
    Simply reply to the order confirmation email which you have received from us and we will promptly be in touch to make arrangement for the return shipment. Please note that custom made rugs can’t be returned or exchanged, except when there’s a manufacturing fault in which case we will exchange or refund the faulty rug.
  • Where are the rugs dispatched from?
    Our rugs are dispatched from warehouses located in the EU and UK.
    Customers in the UK and EU are exempt from paying import duties for rugs shipped from our locations in the UK and EU, so there are NO additional charges other than what is charged on the checkout page.
  • How can I track my order?
    You will receive order tracking details by email (and in some cases via text) as soon as you order is dispatched. The tracking details are not available in your customer account, so keep an eye on the tracking details from the carrier which you will receive by email.
  • What happens when I miss the delivery of my order?
    When you miss a delivery from a driver by UPS, then please note that the driver will automatically try to deliver the rug again the next business day. You will receive details with a new estimated time of arrival by email.
    When you miss a delivery from a driver by a different carrier, then the driver will usually leave a note in your mailbox with more details about the attempted delivery and instructions to schedule a new delivery. You may also be contacted by phone after a failed delivery attempt or in case the driver is encountering a problem with locating the delivery address.
    Simply contact us by email by replying to the order confirmation email which you received after placing your order with us should you encounter problems with the reception of your order from the carrier.

Prices, Discounts & Payments

  • How does your Best Price Guarantee work?
    Simply send us the link to the better online offer that you have found by launching a chat in our online store or by sending us an email. Please confirm the size that you are interested in and we will swiftly check the offer and get back to you with a discount code that will allow you to purchase the rug with an additional €25.00 discount on the better price that you have found. This offer is valid on offers found for identical, new rugs offered online, with the exception of rugs offered as stock clearance items with a discount from 40% onwards on the brand’s recommended retail price.
  • Do you offer B2B Trade Discounts?
    We indeed offer trade discount to architects, interior professionals and retail store owners.
    Simply contact us by email or chat and we’ll set you up with a permanent Trade Discount Coupon Code which you will be able to use permanently in our online store.
  • Which payment methods do you offer?
    You can see all available payment options displayed at the bottom of each page in our online store as well as on the checkout page.
  • Can I pay securely in your online store?
    Absolutely, our online store is protected with a digital SSL certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and then encrypts information sent from the website to the server using SSL security technology. It says to users that you are who you say you are and the issuer has verified that to be true. You can verify this certificate in your web browser’s address bar where you will find a padlock symbol right before the address of our website is visible.
    The online payments themselves are processed securely by Stripe.com, one of the top 3 largest online payment processing companies in the world.

Choosing the Perfect Rug Model & Size

  • How do I choose the perfect rug size for my space?
    We have created a rug buying guide (available here soon) to help you choose the perfect rug size for your space. To further help you with choosing the perfect size for the room, you can use newspapers or bedsheets to cover the floor area where you want to place a new rug.
    You can also send us some photos of your space by email for further assistance with choosing the perfect model or size.
  • Do you have a sample service?
    We indeed have a sample service and we can offer samples for most of the luxury rugs in our offer. Simply contact us by email if you would like to receive up to three samples to evaluate the colour & quality before making a purchase. Please mention the model(s) that you are interested in and the size(s) of the rug(s) which you are considering to purchase.
  • How can I verify if a rug is suitable for use with floor heating?
    Whether or not a rug is compatible for use with floor heating is indicated for most rugs at the bottom of each product page under the clickable tab button ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If this information is not indicated under this tab and you want to have this verified, please contact us by email.
  • Can I order a rug made to a custom size?
    A limited number of brands offer custom size manufacturing. Simply contact us by chat or email if you are looking for a custom made rug so that we can verify if this is possible and what the delivery time & price would be.

Customer Buying Protection & Warranties

  • Manufacturer Warranty
    Have you received a rug with a manufacturing fault which was left unnoticed during the quality control checks or is something else wrong with the rug such as a significant difference in colour of the rug compared to the manufacturer’s product photos which we have published in our online store?
    Simply contact us by email with a description of the problem and some photos in such case so that we can assist you with getting the unfortunate situation looked into and resolved promptly.
  • Damaged or Faulty Products
    Have you received a rug that got damaged during transit or which has a manufacturing fault which was left unnoticed during the manufacturer’s quality control checks? Please contact us by email with a description of the problem and some photos in such case so that we can assist you with getting the unfortunate situation investigated & resolved promptly.
    Please make sure to verify the parcel for possible damage caused during transport at the moment of delivery at your delivery address and request the driver to report the damage on a signed copy of the delivery note which you should receive a copy of. This will prevent that the driver reports to the system that the parcel has been received by you in good condition.
  • Tolerated Differences in Size & Shape
    Even though rug manufacturers are doing their very best to weave their rugs to the exact dimensions as indicated in their catalogues, there can be a limited difference in the dimensions of the rug which you receive. This is due to the nature of fabrics which can expand or shrink under the influence of temperature & humidity, as well as because of the manual finishing of certain rugs which can lead to slight imperfections to the sides.
    The tolerated difference in rug size is between 2,5% and 5% for the brands we work with. In case the difference is too significant and too visible, simply contact us by email with a description of the discrepancy accompanied by some photos so that we can evaluate the problem and help to get such situation resolved.
  • Colour Differences
    The product photography provided to us by the different rug brands that we work with is of very high quality and in most cases highly reliable. Thanks to the lighting setup in the photo studios & interiors where the rugs are photographed, the rugs look mostly as you will expect them to look like in normal daylight. However, due to the differences in colour, brightness and contrast on the many different digital screens from mobile devices and desktop computers on the market, you may find the colours or colour tone of the rug which you receive to be somewhat different than expected. Therefore, we recommend to evaluate the product photos on two different screens/devices if possible so that you can verify if the colours look the same or similar on both devices, in which case you can conclude that you are most likely seeing the colours in realistic colour tones.
    We also recommend to evaluate all the provided photos for a specific rug and not only the first photo in our product gallery which shows the rug shot full frontal. The additional mood photos show the rug under different angles & lighting, which will allow you to see how the colour(s) of the rug can change in different settings.
    In the rare event where you receive a rug with significant colour differences, simply contact us by email with a description of the discrepancy accompanied by some photos so that we can evaluate this and help to get such situation resolved.
  • Waves & Fluffing
    When a flatwoven rug (such as the flatweave rugs by Louis De Poortere) is new and has just been unrolled from its packaging in which it may have spent several weeks or months, it is quite normal that it will not instantly lay completely flat upon installation in your room. You may find some waves forming in the rug too after the rug has been freshly installed. Please allow the rug to settle & acclimatize to its new home and you will find your new rug to be looking perfect within the next couple of days or in some case after two to three weeks.
    If you have purchased a hand-tufted, woolen rug, please bear in mind that your new rug may need a couple of vacuum clean sessions before it will stop fluffing wool the first weeks.

Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Regular Maintenance: Vacuum Cleaning
    It is important for the lifespan of your rug to vacuum clean your rug from the day of purchase about once per week. Do this preferably with an electrically driven brushing vacuum cleaner. A brushing vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt more effectively than a vacuum cleaner fitted with an adjustable floor tool. It ensures the brushing up of the rug’s poles and as a result the original look is remained much longer. Check at least monthly whether the dust filter should be cleaned or the vacuum cleaner should be replaced.
  • Interim Maintenance by Yourself
    If your rug is easy to pick up, shake it outside first, then put it over a clothesline and beat it, preferably on the back of the rug. Next, take the rug inside and vacuum it. Please note that when you are trying the clean a large, heavy rug that you will need a stronger hanging system than a clothesline to hang the rug from.
    You can manually clean your rug yourself with James and a terry towel. If you treat your rug regularly & correctly with James from the day of purchase, your rug will stay looking nice & fresh longer, since James offers surface cleaning products which clean the tops of the yarns.
    Tip 1: Make sure to very carefully read the instructions provided with the cleaning products by James.
    Tip 2: If possible, turn the rug frequently 90° or 180° degrees after interim maintenance by yourself.
  • Interim Maintenance by a Professional Carpet Cleaner
    The carpet is eligible for interim cleaning when the creation of walkways by local soiling becomes so noticeable that vacuum-cleaning does not give a satisfactory result anymore. If you can not or do not wish to clean your rug manually with cleaning products by James, the rug can be cleaned by a local professional cleaning company where they will be able to use the appropriate cleaning method for your rug type.
  • Stain Removal
    Stains should be treated preferably immediately. Make sure to never use soap when trying to remove stains on your rug!
    For fresh stains, immediately moisten a cotton cloth with cold water, then wring the cloth out in the sink and place the humid cloth on the stain. Leave the cloth on the stained area until it is dry. Do not dab or rub, as this may cause permanent damage to the carpet.
    For persistent stains, consult the advice & cleaning products from James.eu, a Dutch company specialized in carpet & floor cleaning solutions that offers approximately 1400 different stain solutions.
    If you have any doubts about the best treatment for a stain, do not take any action at all and let the stain dry. Visit the James website, email to [email protected] or call the James support line at +31 77 327 80 00 for reliable advice.
  • Prevention & Storage
    To prevent stains and to assure longevity for your rug, we recommend to place mats in front of your home to eliminate dirt from entering your home.
    In case the floor in your house is partly carpet, partly hard floor (wood, stones, natural stones), please pay attention to the following: When you have cleaned the hard floor using soap, rinse it carefully using clean water. Dried up soap residue off a hard floor can be transported to the carpet via shoe soles. These sticky soap residues cause the carpet to become soiled quicker.
    After cleaning the floor, also make sure that all cleaning product and water under the carpet is completely dried up. Any remaining fluids or residues can change the characteristics of the rug’s front or backing and may damage your floor.
    Note that nor we nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for possible damages to the floor. To make sure your floor is protected, please use a certified underlay and follow the same above advice.
    To store your rug, always roll it with the top side outwards and wrap it in a clean cloth for optimal protection. Do not fold or store your rug in a tight plastic bag.

Is VAT included?

Yes, VAT is included in the products offered in our online store when you choose a delivery address in the UK or EU. You will thus NOT  be charged any VAT or import duties if you place an order for a rug shipped from any of our warehouses in the UK and EU, except if you select a delivery address in Switzerland, Norway or in a different non-EU country (excluding the UK).

Will I pay duties on rugs from the EU?

No, customers in the UK are exempt from paying import duties for rugs shipped from our locations in the EU, so there are NO additional charges other than what is charged on the checkout page. This means that Belgian rugs such as the rugs by Louis De Poortere can be purchased without paying import duties, just like before Brexit.

Only customers from other non-EU countries like Switzerland and Norway are charged import duties which vary per country. Customers in Switzerland for instance are charged 7.7% import duties which is payable online via the transport company. Customers in Switzerland are not charged VAT when a delivery address in Switzerland is selected, but will instead be charged Swiss VAT on orders over CHF 300.